Jelly Jump


Jump nonstop with your colorful jelly


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Jelly Jump is a minimalist arcade game where you control a jelly character who jumps nonstop from platform to platform. The key to winning the game is calculating your jumps precisely, which you will have to make onto the platforms that begin appearing directly above you.

The control system in Jelly Jump is very simple: you just have to tap the screen once to make your jelly jump. Your aim is to time it so you jump before the platform comes down on top of you, but not so soon that it hasn't formed yet and you fall. If you miss even once, the dark tide will overtake you and the game will be over.

After your tenth jump, you can start collecting droplets. These droplets help you level up more easily in your future Jelly Jump games, although getting the droplets is anything but easy.

Jelly Jump is a simple, fun, and pretty game. Like all other Ketchapp titles, it combines the perfect gameplay for touch devices with gorgeous graphics.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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